Problem: No city, including Baton Rouge, has enough available buildings and walls for all the budding artists nearby who may wish to contribute to The Walls Project; and true access to art also means opportunity to those who wish to try their own hand – by allowing them to publicly display their creation.

Solution: “#MyWall” – an effort to provide small, sturdy, pre-prepared “canvases“ which can be painted and displayed in front yards, school yards, porches, or other public spaces.

How does it work? The Walls Project staff and volunteers will collect old yard signs, political signs or overruns, prime them for painting, affix #MyWall branding, and work with local art teachers to provide them to school children, youth and even adults who wish to create their own art and display where they
want – their own, personal “wall.”

What we want to see happen: We’d like to see people everywhere claim their own wall, or create one, fill it with their creativity and display it publicly, and take a photo to share with the world. And we do mean the world. Our marketing and communications campaign will focus on us all sharing “#MyWall” on whatever social media we choose, linked by the tags: #MyWall and #TheWallsProject. Won’t it be thrilling to see the fabulous works of art to come? To see public art springing up all around us. Who knows, really, how far and wide this will spread?

How will we work to promote: First, The Walls Project staff and volunteers are dedicated to creating and sharing their own art, and we are already in touch with art teachers and classes, volunteer groups, and even a cross-country biker ready to stop along her trek at several places to prompt #MyWall to take hold along the way.

Whose idea is “#MyWall”? The idea sprang from The Walls Project creative team and is made possible by the initial efforts of our hundreds of volunteers and corporate donors. Thanks to Slash Creative, Vivid Ink, Erin Stephens Photography, and our talented arts teachers who have started the #MyWall campaign and helped The Walls fulfill our ongoing efforts to bring art to public spaces.