Murals is a collaborative effort between stakeholders in the business, creative arts, and community development sectors in Baton Rouge. What started as a grassroots project in 2012 has grown into a regional public art campaign fueled by generous donors and volunteers creating over 60 murals through local partnerships. The Walls Project bridges the gap between the artistic and business communities in order to accomplish not only city beautification but also economic development.

The Futures Fund is a STEAM workforce development program designed with the mission to create digital, literary, visual, and music arts-entrepreneurial opportunities for youth in middle and high school. It provides students with training in STEM and creative industries under the guidance of paid professionals and volunteers.  Our Saturday training programs are research-driven, and based on best practices to prepare creative-minded youth for revenue-generating opportunities in their selected discipline.

The Skills For Life mission and vision is to assist individuals and families in preventing and/or addressing personal situational problems by providing training solutions and short-term assistance in developing long-range plans to meet multiple needs and emergencies that are preventing sustainable employment. We see an opportunity in markets where low-income community members often do not have access to suitable soft skills training which then directly limits their economic success.

MLK Festival of Service is a four-day event where The Walls Project facilitates the painting of blighted buildings and murals, planting community gardens and trees, painting house numbers on curbs for first responders, repairing fences, and hauling trash away from properties.  The Walls will accomplish this in partnership with a vast network of 70+ local community organizations.